Note To Self…

Originally, when I first laid eyes on this painting I thought, “How appropriate, I now know I’m not the only person who tells myself this daily in hopes that it will change my present condition.”  Unfortunately, little to no progress has been made.  I’m currently working two jobs, deferring mounting student loans and their accompanying interest payments, buying sale items, packing my lunch for work and I’ve implemented various other penny-pinching tactics I’ve read on the internet, and I still can’t manage to “stop being poor.”

Then, upon further contemplation, I thought “what does it mean to be poor?”  Google, being the great friend that it is to me, gave this definition: “lacking a normal or adequate supply of something specified.”   So, what am I lacking? If I remove wants (sorry neon Pigalle Pump, Tissot watch with the rose gold and diamond incrusted bezel and BMW 6 series coupe *gasp & fighting tears*), I really feel like I’m lacking time spent with my little one.

I spend so much time trying to “stop being poor” that I’m usually cranky, irritable and too exhausted to effectively spend quality time with her. The funny thing about the truth is you always feel like it’s hiding somewhere, trying to trick and evade you when really it’s ALWAYS staring you in the face, waiting for your acceptance. We are what we accept.  I have accepted being a slave to the material world and neglected my parental duties to nurture and show this other person what it means to love.

Welcome to me + mom.

Get Rich

Note To Self…


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