Social Media: Friend or Foe?


When I think of all of the social platforms available to express one’s self on or connect with like minds, at first glance the social allure seems quite tempting.  Whether it’s the little orange box lighting up at the bottom of your screen or the red box in the corner alerting you of mentions and tags, I must admit that the market of social media is almost impossible to resist and in severe cases, down right addictive. However, upon closer examination, I’m left to ponder, is social media all its cracked up to be and if so are these sites friend or foe?

Like any new relationship, the first three months of joining a new social site or following a new blog is pure bliss.  Every five minutes you’re checking your phone to see if you’ve received more of the witty updates about current events that drew you to the site or blogger in the first place, you get a direct feed for Fashion Week behind the scenes footage (you’re there in spirit), you reconnect with lost friends and family and you get to see all the fun times old classmates are having getting married, having children or dining with celebrities.  That’s all fine and dandy the first three months.  After all, this was the reason you joined right?

Then reality sets in; that awkward moment (that you didn’t know was coming) when you see the same types of posts you’ve always seen yet you find yourself annoyed and ready to fire back—“SYPH (shut your pie hole) PLEASE!  I don’t care that you’re extremely happy, I don’t care about your first hand account of liberal or conservative reporting journalism (btw, what school did you attend again?), and sorry Mercedes Benz but I will never be able to afford (or feel comfortable spending) 10k+ on a dress that could only be worn once if at all (as I am currently on a diet and I don’t know that I’ll ever fit sample sizes).”

Yep, just like that relationship that seemed like a match made, you find out that the same habits that once intrigued you are now annoying and dreadfully intolerable *sigh*.  So like the relationship you thought you wanted and realized it’s not something you needed, you begin to politely withdraw.  You stop responding to DMs, you post less and less and you start seeking newer, fresher sites that exercise tact and have settings that filter the unwanted posts, spam, and soliciting *insert Pinterest here*.  Let the cycle begin again.

All things considered, is social media really my friend or was it designed to keep me in a cruel cycle of seeking the unattainable: a simple place to see updates on things that I’m interested in, the news I need to know (A list celebrities covered only), and the exercise tips that I can do without much effort-for now we’ll leave friends/followers out of this. To the new social networking site and expert blogger, please state your business: friend or foe?


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