Sex and the Single Mom

ImageDating is hard.  Dating as a single mother is nearly impossible. It came as no surprise that others began to notice my lack of social mingling with members of the opposite sex.  Warning: It is extremely dangerous for friends to notice your lack of dating.  Why? The infamous “hook up” or blind date that everyone fears is inevitable.

As a single lady rapidly approaching “middle age,” it can be assumed that I am open to dating.  With that being said, do I appear desperate? My recent “date” (the results of a “chance” meeting at a mutual friends dinner) was with a gentleman that seemed nice, respectful and possessed all of those other qualities I’ve taught myself to look for after I swore off bad boys forever.  As a bonus, he appeared family oriented.  He had full custody of his son who is two years older than my daughter. Score!

The “date” ran pretty smoothly: decent conversation, no fuss over the bill, and embarrassing moments were avoided.  We made plans to meet the following weekend.  Then, without warning, he turned…well, how do I put this nicely…I’m thinking, one moment…he became a complete pest.

I began receiving multiple text messages and phone calls throughout my workday. At times when I couldn’t respond, he proceeded to text and ask if I was ok since I wasn’t responding.  I immediately began to withdraw.  The more I withdrew, the more he seemed to text and call.  Did I mention I’ve only known him about a week and a half and no, we have not engaged in any adult activities.

Since having my daughter and developing a mild case of “OMG I’m going to die single” anxiety, I’ve been more open to dating men I wouldn’t normally date.  I’ve forced myself to entertain men I have absolutely no interest in for fear of missing out on a “good thing.”  Nevertheless, I am not a masochist and I have no plans to mirror my life after 50 Shades of Gray.  The result-he was cut.

I spoke to our mutual friend about my experience and she explained that he was excited to have finally met a “quality woman” and that is why he had appeared so eager.  She requested that I respond to him and tell him that he was “coming on too strong” and to relax. I’ve yet to make a move.

What’s a girl to do?


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