Why I Let My Daughter Watch Kill Bill

Traditionally Rated R films are reserved for “mature” audiences and carry strict disclaimers to eliminate the possibility of liability.  Moreover, I do not recommend making a habit of allowing your child to watch Rated R films.  Nevertheless, Kill Bill has replaced many of the conventional children’s films viewed in our home. Why? Simple. Black Mamba is an excellent role model for young girls.

When I think of the type of woman I want my daughter to be influenced by I place myself at the top of the list.  Realistically I know that this world will one day challenge my awesomeness, and for a split second, my child may begin to question if Mommy is just as awesome as she once believed.

Currently she has Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, and a slew of fictional characters ranging from Cinderella to Rapunzel that are highly publicized options for her to become.  Well, she can’t sing, she isn’t dramatic and let’s face it, the damsel in distress shtick is somewhat antiquated.

Then I thought, what fictional woman could I strategically place in her mind that would empower her? Inspire her? Liberate her? Who’s relevant to modern day? Duh, Black Mamba! She’s a fighter, survivor, educated, well traveled, gorgeous and she doesn’t mind wearing flats.

Yes, some may be thinking, she’s a crazed woman on a murderous rampage who is also a professional killer, but who are we to judge? After all, didn’t Shrek 3 unmask the many issues our beloved Disney Princesses had? Moreover, many adults should’ve learned by now that those who live in glass houses should never cast stones.

Since watching Kill Bill, my daughter has wanted to learn martial arts whereas before she was waiting for an imaginary prince to recue her. She is now interested in learning Japanese, whereas before she wanted to sing to animals. So thank you Quentin Tarantino, for creating such a kick ass female assassin that my small child can aspire to become.



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