I hate to admit it but I’ve always believed in fairy tales.  Unfortunately, over time, life has had a funny way of showing me that fairy tales may be best suited for the television screen.  Nevertheless, after a failed relationship with my daughters father I still believed that the equally fabulous “single-mother me” could find true love (gags while typing).  Yes, dating is hard, but I was ready.

So I met a guy and he was nice.  He brought me flowers, and a polka dot shirt (don’t judge me).  He opened doors and complimented me when I would get dressed, but I was mean to him.  I wasn’t sure if I liked him or his gestures, after all, guys are always nice during the chase…right? Then I began to assess why I was so mean and I realized I was afraid.  I was afraid of a fairy tale love. Although I liked the idea in theory, I felt that in reality it could never be, mainly because I wasn’t perfect.

I had baggage.  I never felt that I was a bag lady before (I always purchase shoes over bags), but meeting him and seeing how perfect he was began to make me see how perfect I wasn’t.  He had no children, a great job, and a wonderful sense of fashion. Yes, I questioned his sexuality at first, but after close examination I determined he was in fact 100 percent heterosexual.

How could I want, and constantly seek perfection from a spouse when I was flawed? I don’t regret my daughter, and he never made me feel like he had a problem with me having a child, but I realized the responsibility that he would be taking on if we became serious and it scared me straight out of my potential fairy tale.  The thought of combinding my daughters life with another person who had the potential of failing us both was overwhelming and I quickly crumbled.

Eventually he became distant, maybe in response to my distance.  Then I thought to myself, anyone not willing to fight for us isn’t right for us.  Conclusion: I’m glad I waited to see if it was real.  Maybe fairy tales do exist and I just haven’t found my prince yet.



1 Billi Owed in Child Support Payments and Taxpayers are Picking Up the Tab

My stance on child support is equal to my stance on abortion and gay marriage: to each his/her own. While I do feel like there are pros and cons to both sides of the coin, I think the decision to file is best made on a case by case basis. I do not condone parents who use their children as paychecks, nor do I condone non-custodial parents who flee at the first sign of a child care, doctor or dentist note.

Children cost money.  In fact, I strongly concur that God probably was on to something when he recommended a child should be the result of marriage.  Nevertheless, children are still born out of wedlock; furthermore, marriage doesn’t guarantee that bills will be paid and as a result the child will have a better quality of life.

Back to the matter at hand.  To The Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement, you mean to tell me that there is over 1 billion in bad debt incurred from back payments owed to custodial parents? DANG!! That’s a lot diapers, child care hours, dentist visits, college tuition and more.  I’ve seen coworkers checks garnished and you can look in your local paper and view many people arrested for failure to pay child support.  How much of that is chipping away at this debt?

Is there a better way to collect this debt? Could the child support payments be too high? Is visitation included/required in these payments?  Is this overwhelming debt a form of rebellion from those being exploited? If I am a single mother, why are my tax dollars being used to pay for someone else’s child support? I should be exempt from the reimbursement clause, right? These are just a few questions I have.

Feel free to respond to my questions and concerns in the comments section of this post.  I have a feeling others will want to know if they’re exempt as well.


Concerned tax-paying, non-child support receiving, single mother living slightly above the poverty line. 

read CNNs article here: http://money.cnn.com/2012/11/05/news/economy/unpaid-child-support/index.html?hpt=hp_t3

Lil Reese Beats Up Female

Lil Reese, Chicago Teen, beats up female

Where do I begin? Is this failed parenting at its peak?  Is it angry black male/female syndrome? Is it the beginning stages of genocide?  The most important and disturbing thing about this video was all of the bystanders getting their camera’s ready to record rather than breaking up an unfair fight.  After all, we live in a digital world right? We wouldn’t want to miss an opportunity to have viral fame *shakes head in disbelief*.  I’m appalled and terrified for my child.

It’s not illegal if she/he is 18…right?

Is it me or have we seen an influx in cases involving student/teacher relations?  As a parent I’m already questioning the fate of America’s public school system, I’ve begun to adapt to the idea that when my child is of social media age “cyber bullying” could be a problem for us, and by the time she reaches high school she could very well be carrying on a virtual affair with her teacher’s hologram! Nevertheless, today I’m torn about this situation.

On one hand it’s sad and unfortunate that this woman, her husband, and her children will have to endure such scrutiny on account of her unprofessional and sloppily executed fantasy fun. Haven’t we all learned that sexting and video recordings cannot be denied?  On the other hand, all parties involved were of age and agreed to engage in the said acts.  Does this make it right? Yes, I mean no, kinda?

Thoughts anyone?